How to Hunt Pickles


we all know them.  They all know us.  Pickles infilterate our refridgerators.  They must be stopped!  A pickle is a mutant cucumber, drowned alive in dill and other ghastly preperations.  After many months they are removed from the watery death prison to show – a horrible, mutant, green, bumpy, PICKLE!  Then they are packages away into a little box and shipped to all over the world, to take over (scary music plays).  But there is hope.  For not all of us have fallen under the spell of the pickle.  We can save the world, if only you help.  You must eat them.  Throwing them in the trash won’t do anybody any good.  Then poor animals will eat them! That only HELPS the pickles.  You don’t want to do that.  The pickle spell is deadly, so don’t fall under it.  The only way to TRULY dispose of this horror is…. to eat them.  Yes, eat those horrible, mutant, wart-covered things.  Now, these are the steps and precautions to take…

  1. slowly open up the drawer with all the utensils in it.   If you are a beginner in this attack, you should use a fork, if you are an experienced pickle-hunter, a knife is acceptable.
  2. Take out the jar of pickles.  Slowly open the lid…
  4. When you have the horrid things impaled on your triumphant utensil, you may lower the green lump into your mouth.
  5. Chew.
  6. Swallow.
  7. Repeat until you think you have sufficently decreased the mutant army.

Now you know how to deal with these salty infiltrators.  With YOUR help, we can save the world together.


Image by: plushoff  photoshopped by me


I’m Back!

Hello All,

GUESS WHAT?  I’m back!  I’ll be writing more!  I will be discussing topics such as guinea pigs, baking, and other fun stuff.  Maybe I’ll even let you in on my super secret Chocolate Fudge Cookies…  Isn’t that awesome?  Now, I shall write more super soon.  Bye!

TTYL, Meghan


Do you like to go camping?

Our class went camping at Tee-Pee park.  This is what we did:


We came to the park and set up our tent.  All the girls were in one huge tent!  Arwen is the owner of this Marvelous tent!  It is green and has 2 rooms and a hallway.  We didn’t put in the rooms though.  You want to know a crazy thing?  Our tent has one of the smallest bag to put it in, but it is the biggest tent!  We half set it up, when we went to the beach.  Arwen’s dad finished the tent while we were away.  beach and rocks

The beach was great!  It was sandy and the tide was going out.  It was perfect.  The girls put our towels down on the upper beach and we tanned for a while.  But then, we decided to go swimming.  We played in the water for a long while.  It was really fun!

Later on there were a couple people skim-boarding.  Thank you to Jordan for lending us the skim-boards and teaching me how to skim-board.  It was a lot of fun!  Then, it led to us having a water fight!  People were throwing sand and seaweed at each other!   It was awesome.  To give you an idea on what it felt like, here it is:  the water was cool, perfect temperature.  The sand was grainy against my hand.  I had sand all over, but I didn’t care.  I aimed and threw the sand in my hand at another person.  They jumped as the grainy missile hit them in the back.  They turned around, and splashed me.  The water was cold and salty.  That was a bit from the water fight.  My friends and I also played ‘trust’ in the water.  Then, we went back up to have lunch. After lunch we went back to the camp and played Predator and Prey and Kick-the-can.

Then we had dinner.  We roasted hotdogs and ate chips.  Noah brought cheeseburger flavored ones! Dinner was tasty!  Then we all went to bed (or in this case, sleeping bags).  Before, however, we told ghost stories, Kendra’s were really good!


We woke up.  Arwen woke up WAY before the rest of us.  Then we got up and told MORE ghost stories.  It was really cool.  Then we packed up our things and went outside.  We were talking around the campfire.  Then we had to get dressed.  Mrs. Smith said that if we got dressed then we could have breakfast.  Breakfast was GOOD.  The parents cooked breakfast  – scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit.  It was very good.  THen we put our stuff in the vehicles and went to the beach.  It was really windy.  We ate lots of junk food!  Then we shot a movie.

We had a lot of fun camping!  Have you ever gone camping?

Edited by: Jane and Maya

Beach Board Games


Most of you know how to play chess or/and checkers, right?  There is also a whole bunch or variations of chess and checkers.  Chess? Checkers?But, have you played Beach board games?  Well, if you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing!   Beach Chess/Checkers is basically a game of Chess/Checkers, but at the beach.  Normally, you can’t bring a Chess board to the beach – sand and water would get on the set and game pieces and ruin everything.  You can improvise though!  Here’s how to play Beach Chess/Checkers….

Beach Chess / Checkers

  1. When you’re making the board you want to have it nice and hard – you don’t want it to fall apart in the middle of your game.  Make your board where the sand is wet, wet sand stays together.
  2. Find some shells, crab-shells, and rocks to use as playing pieces.  Use the biggest pieces as the Kings, use the next biggest pieces as the Queen.  So on, and so on.
  3. Sort the items into coloured groups.  You could do all the white shells as one side and all the crab pieces as the other.  If you need help, you can draw a coloured dot on all the pieces on one side to help if you can’t tell.
  4. Start to play!

I hope you have fun playing Beach Board games!

Edited by:  Amber and Jane


Have you ever jumped out of a plane?

I certainly haven’t.  I wish I could though!  Today at our school the local SAR (search and rescue) jumped out of a plane, and landed on our field.

I hope this could be me someday!

I hope this could be me someday!

First, they sent coloured strips of plastic down from the air.  This was so that the parachuters knew where to jump.  Then, they jumped out of the plane and opened up their parachutes.  After that, the glided gently down onto our field.  It looked really cool!

I haven’t ever had to be rescued by the SAR.  I wouldn’t want to be part of that team.  Too much pressure for me!  When I’m older though, I want to go parachuting too!

Do you want to go parachuting?



Image by: deymosD

Edited by:  Arwen and Jane


Hello world!

I bet if you have ever lived near a lake/ocean you have gone on a boat.  But, have you ever sailed?  Sailing is really fun.  Compass Adventures taught my class how to sail!

We sailed on a type of boat called a Catamaran. These boats are a bit different than the regular type of boat.  Why?  Because our boats are little like Costco – they have multiples of a lot of stuff.  Our boats had two hulls, two rudders, and two bows. I had a lot of fun!  IMG_1660 (Small)We learned all about the wind and how it affects when you sail.  We learned that if you turn into the wind, also called turning into IRONS.  We learned a lot about the wind and how it can help you sail.  We learned how to set up our boat in less than 4 minutes!  Four people can fit on a catamaran.  The boy in the red PFD if helm right now.  The helm steers the boat with the tiller bar.  The boy opposite him is manning the sail.  He tightens/loosens the sail according to how the wind is acting.  The girl and boy in the front are the lookouts.  They tell the helm what to look out for.  We had a great time sailing!

You should try it!

Edited by:  Arwen

The Huzzahnian Goodwill Council

Hello there,

Just a few days ago my class did a very interesting project – It is called an election.   Six kids from my class were the candidates, running to be part of the Huzzahnian Goodwill Council.  I was one of them.  Here is a bit of Information about everybody:

Me (Meghan) L . M . A . D .  (Let’s Make a Difference) Party

Jack The Happy Party

Darion D.A.D.A. (Darion, Andrew, Daniel, Amber)Party

Molly W.C.H. ( We Can Help ) Party

Keenan Change, for the Better Party

Max Rasta Party

Jack, Max, and I got voted into the Goodwill council.   We learned alot about elections, like how to do advertising, speaking speeches, and how to run an election.  At the election, there were some people who had to supervise the election.  They were called scrutineers.  There was the people who were running for election – they were called candidates, then there was Deputy Returning Officer, the polling clerk, and the Chief electoral officer.  They all helped our election very much.

I learned a lot about elections.  I had a good time,  and I wonder who will win?

Pictures Galore!

Hello World (again)

one of the things I love to do as a past time is to take pictures and videos.  Using a fujifilm camera, most of my pictures come out wonderfully.  I like to take pictures of a lot of things, such as my guinea pigs, nature (flowers, the beach, trees, etc.), and my puppy.  I also photoshop most of the photos I take.  I rarely don’t photoshop a picture I will use professionally.  I really love to take pictures.  But, really anyone can take a picture, right?  Well, the more pictures I take the more I learn about how to make it a good picture, not some blurry mess.  My camera has many settings to help with this.   Here are some of my most famous pictures….

Tiger with sunglasses This picture is of my guinea pig Tiger.  He is very tame, as you can see.  I did NOT photoshop this picture (amazingly enough) I had a hard time making this picture work – the sunglasses kept on falling off his face!  This is also my all-time favourite picture that I have ever taken.  Why?  Because a) it’s a picture of a guinea pig, b) because it’s a really funny picture!



Isn’t he cute!  This is my new puppy, Hairy.  Hairy really loves to chew sticks, which you can see right beside him.  I used Picnik to add the text, and fix up the picture a bit.  Picnik is a great tool when you are making a picture for something.  For example, you really want to send out a beautiful wedding invitation with one of your pictures, but the image that you want to use is a bit distorted.  Picnik can help you fix up your picture so that your invitation looks great!






Flower This is my prize picture.  I didn’t photoshop it at all, save the writing above the flower.  Beautiful, huh?  I’m not exactly sure what type of flower it is, do you?  It was on a tree in my backyard last year. I really want to photograph it more, just, it isn’t in bloom right now though!






I learned all of this outside of school.  Photographing things is one of my favourite hobbies, what about you?


Images by:  Me, Meghan

Edited by:  My loving father

Pysanky Art

Hello World,

As most of you know I am Ukrainian.  Pysankies are Ukrainian Easter eggs.  The Ukrainians make beautiful Easter eggs at Easter time.  You might have seen them in store windows, or maybe you might have some at home.  Either way, these objects are really gorgeous!

This is what a traditional pysanky looks like.

This is what a traditional pysanky looks like.

A pysanky is a egg that has been blown – so that it My Psanky egg with Picnikdoesn’t go rotten.

A blown egg is an egg that has no egg stuff inside, it’s just an egg shell…egg.

I don’t know the exact details about how it’s done, but I know that much.  Ukrainians made pysankies to celebrate rebirth.   They are made around Easter.  What I think is cool about pysankies is that people adopted the idea of  Easter eggs from the Ukrainians.  I think that pysankies are a very delicate art form, a egg shell can break so easily.  Don’t you think that it is amazing that people can put so much detail on such a small object? I think that the best qualities of my pysanky is that I put a lot of different symbols on it.   My favourite symbol is the  grapes, they are right above the rooster.   I also like the cherries, rooster, wheat, I like it all really!

Have you ever seen a pysanky?

Edited by: Laina

Image by: so_jeo

The Best Place on Vancouver Island

Do you ski?  Snowboard?

Well if you do, you should go to Mount Washington!

Mt. Washington is a ski hill.  There’s lots of different runs there – from bunny hills to double black diamonds!  You can also take lessons, rent equipment, snowshoeing, tubing, or even cross country ski!

Mt. Washington

I love to ski, downhill of course.  My Dad taught me how to ski a couple years back, and I love it more than ever this year!  The cool thing about Comox is that you can ski and swim in the same day!  Mt. Washington is really close to Comox – it only takes about forty-five minutes!  I really LOVE Mt. Washington!

Image by:  Moosealope

Edited by:  Zach and Darion